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Server time: 17:26:05 - Tue 09/Aug/2022


Ardera (Titan) New World - June 19 20:00 UTC

Server Information

Skills and Exp: Stages (Dynamic)​ Magic Rate: Stages (Dynamic)​ Loot: x2 (Dynamic)​

Unique YurOTS map detailed (Old School feeling) 

Monster Level System (Unique)​  
Daily Bosses​ with rare bosses 
Monsters drop items with attributes (+1 +2..)​ 
Autoloot Clicking Items (Click on items to add or remove)​ 
Guild War System (PVE-E)​ in automatic 
Auto-Sell system (Sell all your loot inside your backpack)​ 
Quivers for Paladin (Blue, Red, Nature, Earth and Golden) 
Task System Automatic (Multiple Tasks at same time)​ 
Training spears are infinite​ (Train relaxed) 
You can conjure things x2 (Runes and ammunition)​ 
You can get PVP Experience when you guild is on war ​
Monsters has a dynamic difficult by level (HP, Speed, Exp) ​
Tasks are automatic you dont need talk with NPC ​ 
Boats without protection zone​ 
You can conjure runes directly from your backpack. 
OTClient highly optimized​ with own modules 

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Redskull System


[Daily Red Skull]: If your character have atleast 6 unjustified kills in one day.

[Automatic Ban]: If your character have 9 unjustified kills in one day.

The duration of the redskull status is 2 days.